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Sunken worlds become visible: the reconstructed Lake Dwellings at Unteruhldingen.

Find more interesting information on the website of the Association Palafitte, and how you can support the UNESCO World Heritage Candidature:

A detailed Online Special about the Stone Age Experiment documented by, the ARD Television Channel:

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  • Pile pwellings underwater

    On June 27, 2011, UNESCO declared the prehistoric
    pile dwellings in the Alpine regions World Heritage sites.

    Altogether, the UNESCO selected 111 pile dwelling sites... read more
  • Pile dwellings at  Unteruhldingen Lake Constance

    Sunken worlds become visible again: Reconstructed pile dwellings
    of the Stone and Bronze Age in Unteruhldingen.

    Situated in the middle of the oldest nature reserve at Lake Constance read more
  • Pile dwwelling research at Lake Zurich

    From treasure hunt to eco-archaeology
    The pile dwellings over the centuries

    In a small bay near Obermeilen at Lake Zurich read more
  • Bronze Age oakwood wheel at Bad Buchau

    Lake Dwellers were already mobile 5000 years ago
    Finds were only preserved thanks to mud and moors .

    Find of a Bronze Age oakwood wheel in Bad Buchau read more
  • Construcition of a pile dwelling

    Construction of a „new” pile dwelling

    Reconstruction of the in 2009 by a storm demolished
    Hornstaad House at the Lake Dwelling Unteruhldingen read more
  • What is worth preserving at the pile dwellings?

    The settlement under water, mark the origin of our culture read more
  • Stone Age drilling machine

    How do you drill a hole into a stone?

    Stone Age techniques you can touch,
    experience firsthand, and understand. read more
  • grinding grain to flower withUhldi

    Together with “Uhldi”, harvest and grind gain, bake flat breads…

    An exciting undertaking in the time of frozen pizzas. read more
  • The experiment: One day in the Stone Age

    The experiment: One day in the Stone Age.

    Why did the people 6000 years ago decide to settle on lakeshores and moors?
    What kind of skills did they have? read more
  • pile dwellings around the world

    Inhabited pile dwellings are still existent today in all parts of the world. For example, people still live in pile dwellings in Southeast Asia, West Africa or Central America.

    Even in Europe, those houses on stilts can still be found in some places. read more